Learn market leading technology skills via the WYWM and AntWorks partnership!

AntWorks is one of the world’s leading providers of Automation Software. They are offering WYWM alumni and Technologists the chance to train on their market leading tool CMR+.

Why do we care about Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR)?

As organisations embark on process automation strategies as part of their digital transformation journey, they hit one major roadblock – how to digitise unstructured data. Around 80% of the data in an organisation – including images, web pages, hand-written documents, signatures, and mobile content – is completely unstructured. With conventional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, digitising documents that contain signatures, handwritten text (both block and cursive) or images is almost impossible because of OCR’s zone-based or template dependent data extraction methods.

Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) combines the power of AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, Natural Language Modeling (NLM) and Machine Learning (ML) to automatically pre-process, classify, extract, and validate all types of data.

Want to learn more about AntWorks and CMR?

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Check-out our WYWM and AntWorks 6 episode podcast series. 

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Register for the upcoming AntWorks CMR Bootcamp delivered by WYWM. Australian dates: 06 – 09 Oct.

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Take your new skills back to your workforce and see how this can help your automation journey.

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What's involved in the AntWorks training?

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4 x 1 hour lessons

North America: Mon 05 Oct – Thurs 08 Oct, 530pm-630pm (Washington DC / Ottawa timezone)

Australia: Tues 06 Oct – Fri 09 Oct, 730am-830am (Sydney timezone)

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