Army Data Hub - Project

The Australian Army is growing internal talent to solve data analytics and data engineering challenges of the future. 

What is the Army Data Hub Project

The Australian Army is training a new Data Team! Utilising existing skilled individuals from the Full Time and Part Time force coupled with intelligent and driven
individuals willing to upskill and be part of the team; Army will build the talent needed.

Over the course of 6 weeks of intensive training and product building, the Data Team will complete a real project
guided by WithYouWithMe instructors.

The result of this project will be a data model ready to be used in units across the Army to produce dashboards and further enable decision-makers.
This exciting project is the foundation of future data analytics capability within the Army and will provide successful candidates
with the opportunity for further training and specialisation.

This is a full-time 6-week course, during which you will be training and working to implement what you’ve learned.  We’re looking for 20 highly motivated
individuals who are ready to get into the technical space within Army and make a real difference. If you have an interest in data engineering or software, are ready
to be part of an elite digital team, and want hands-on tech, experience express your interest now. No previous experience required.

Step 1

Regardless if you don't have software, data, or other relevant skills, feel free to express interest below and talk with our team. Training the skills will be a part of this program.

Step 2

Receive a call from the WYWM team to talk about the program, selection process, and your suitability/availability for the commitment.

Step 3

Complete the WYWM Discover Yourself Course (90min) after registration. This will show your potential to be successful in a technical role and help us pick the right team personalities. Await for formal acceptance and invitation to the team.

We only have 20 positions available at present so will be selecting the most suitable based on ability, potential, motivation and suitability for the project. 
– You must be capable of doing regular work over the 6 week period. Reserve days are available to support this work.
– Full Time serving members will need to seek permission from their own chain of command to participate. 

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Register your interest now.