Crisis Response Project

Let Army know your civilian skills and experiences to help

 provide more capability and support to the Community in a crisis.

How to help your community in a Natural Disaster

Army’s future workforce development must take into account the increasing threat of national disasters when considering how to address enduring capability issues. Operation Bushfire Assist and Operation COVID-19 Assist have reinforced the demand for enablers within medical, logistics and engineer trades and skills. Providing these operators with basic training would increase Army’s agility to deploy the Crisis Response Force during a national crisis.

The Crisis Response Force Project will enable 2 Division to better fully utilise their workforce when deploying and responding to local emergency support tasks by overlaying their core military skill (ECN) with their personal civilian skills and future trainable skills in demand by the community. Creating an agile, responsive and community centric reserve force.

Upload your skills and experiences

What skills and experiences have you obtained in your civilian profession or personal life that might be useful in a natural disaster or crisis.


Don't worry about certifications, qualifications or proof just yet. If your skills are in-demand by the community, Army will reach out for more information at a later time.

Your Employment

Nothing will change with your reserve employment circumstances or ECN without normal process. Allow your skills to be known in case your community needs them in a crisis.


What are some examples of skills?



Crisis Response Training

Drone Operator


Geospatial mapping

Qualified Tradie