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Cowgirl on a Golf Course

I have completed exactly one half of one round of golf in my forty (mumble mumble) years of living. One and a half if you count a round of Crazy Golf at Seaworld when I was nine.
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What is a Cyber Security Analyst?

The job of a cybersecurity analyst is: To design, develop, implement, and maintain the processes and strategies that allow the organisation to reduce risks to both assets and technology platforms....
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Average Cyber Security Salary

Cybersecurity professionals are one of the most sought-after individuals in the tech sector. The demand for these experts is extremely high, there just aren't enough people to fill the demand.
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Robotic Process Automation Salary

The future potential for RPA is quite high. With increasing globalisation and digitisation, there is an increased demand to produce more in less time. Robots now perform most of the functions previously carried out by humans. In the coming years, huge growth is observed in the field of RPA as it has a high potential to achieve technological benefits towards higher data accuracy and management.
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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation is the method of using specialised computer programs called 'software robots' to automate and standardise recurring business procedures. RPA does not possess any physical state but can mimic human activities by operating applications the same way as a person would. RPA allows business professionals to configure software robots to carry out routine tasks between various systems. Read more to find out the benefits of automation!
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Data analytics: Why Veterans are the Answer

Businesses often overlook the value of a veteran and what benefits they can bring to a company. The fact is that people who have served in the military have important skills that can be implemented to increase the productivity of any business, and here’s why.
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