Free Security+ exam for US Veterans

If you are a US veteran and you want to get into cybersecurity, I have 3 very simple steps to get you started, for free.
Complete WYWM’s Cyber Defender Pathway.
Go to FedVTE and learn the material in the A+ and Network+ courses [because you need to know computers and networking before you can do anything in cybersecurity, which is why we do Networking Essentials before CSA at WYWM].
Enroll in Institute for Veterans and Military Families – IVMF‘s Onward 2 Opportunity . You will participate in 2 weeks of great learning. Then they will provide you courseware, that you can team up with what’s on FedVTE, and O’Reilly Media, to master the basics of cybersecurity.
Then IVMF’s O2O will pay for your exam.
With your newfound, free knowledge of computers, networking, and cybersecurity (with a free 8570 cert to boot), you have what most in the field would say is the bare minimum to get a job in cybersecurity in the US.

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