Linux Got that Yummy Yummy YUM .. and DNF too. An awesome 2 for 1 tutorial with a caboose to show off!

In this video we will discuss YUM (no food, sorry) and DNF. These are two tools that can be utilised to manage package installations within Linux Red Hat Enterprise. They are extremely helpful and great to know as a Linux system administrator. Every administrator on a Linux based system will have to work with package installations at some point or another. I hope you enjoy!

P.s. stick around for the end, learn how to deploy something awesome to show off your technical prowess to your friends!

You can find the link to the original youtube video here:

You can also check out more related content at the following:

And if this got the song stuck in your head, I am here for that too! (You’re welcome)

Yummy Yummy

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