6 Week Basic Excel and Data Analysis – Averages and percentages

Week 3 – Using Averages and Percentages to start the analysis process

Whether calculating averages by hand or by using a pivot table, averages and percentages are an essential part of Data Analysis. When using them correctly they can transform your data into understandable measures that more people will be able to read and absorb.

This week you are tasked with a challenge. Add the following data set to your existing data and see how it changes the averages and percentages that we have calculated.

The most common mistake is to let skew interfere with your average. If there are a few outliers (left or right) using a simple average will not give you an accurate or reliable answer.

Doing data analysis just for the sake of analysis is a waste of time. As analysts it is our job to determine what data is useful and what isn’t. After all, what is the point of Data Analysis if no one wants to read it because they can’t understand it. 

If you would like to catch up with the previous weeks work please use the following links. You will be able to download the data sets and follow along with the videos.

Remember, you can drop me an email or book a call with me if you have any questions.

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