6 Week Basic Excel and Data Analysis – Cleaning Data

Week 1 – Cleaning Data and Pivot Tables

The following course will allow you to practice with some really messy data sets. You’ll be able to practice your excel skills and get creative with pivot tables and some basic data analysis tools. Excel is one of those things that you can’t master in a day. You can learn something new every time you open it up. Just like data analysis I learn new things every week and I get excited when it works… and even sometimes when it doesn’t.

You can either follow along with me or you can download the data set and get to it. Remember to get creative, there are no rules you must follow and no exams at the end – WIN! I want you to quite literally have at it, and show me something interesting!

I am always happy to help, if you have any questions please contact me via email at christine@withyouwithme.com or if you would like a one on one chat CLICK HERE to book a call with me. Let me how you get on and if there is anything you want me to cover over the next few weeks.

Learn more about how I got into Data Analytics.

Associate Instructor – Data
With You With Me

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