WithYouWithMe supporting Aussie Owned Businesses

Bailey Abbott

A local South Australian business with various opportunities across private and government organisations for the military community!

Bailey Abbott is a new partner of WYWM and we are excited to announce what that means for the military community!

Bailey Abbott is a new consulting businesses looking for ex-military talent for their various opportunities.


Discover your potential to learn a digital skill. WYWM has a unique testing platform that will help match your aptitude to a IT or emerging tech pathway. 


After you have selected your pathway.  You can learn skills in cyber security, digital project management, IT, data, automation. The program is designed to make you career ready in a new field without any prior knowledge. 


After you have learnt your new skills to help kick-start a new career within the diverse employment opportunities across Bailey Abbott. 

So who is Bailey Abbott and what are the opportunities?

Bailey Abbott is a new partner of WithYouWithMe operating out of South Australia with a growing number of technology related opportunities for the local community.

Bailey Abbott is a consultancy services business, built upon the fundamental principle that a lean and efficient operating model which is designed to engage, support and retain the best people, can meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving environment. Bailey Abbott is a growing company, with the opportunity to work on some innovative and exciting projects which WithYouWithMe can help get you become a part of.

The technology skills that you can learn through the WYWM platform are becoming essential for anyone in consulting, project management or change management. WYWM is supporting the local SA community to get ahead of the pack!

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