Blue Star Families and WYWM

Military Spouses in Technology.

Are you a military spouse that is ready to get back into the workforce?  Or are you looking to future proof your career by learning digital skills?

WYWM and Blue Star Families have partnered to solve military family underemployment and help you contribute to the US corporate industry by providing free certified training in IT and emerging technology.  This is called the Home Squads Program 

Interested?  Then keep reading!

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Who is Eligible For Home Squads?

Any active duty military spouses, National Guard spouses, retiree spouses, veteran spouses, caregivers, and if you are currently stationed overseas, this program will be available for you as well! 

Anyone who is looking to future proof their career!  

If you have the desire to succeed then this is the program for you! 

Active Duty Spouses

National Guard Spouses

Retiree Spouses

Veteran Spouses


Stationed Overseas Spouse

Who is WithYouWithMe?

WithYouWithMe (WYWM) is a social impact technology training organization that is on a mission to solve military community underemployment across the globe.  

WYWM was awarded the number #1 spot by Deloitte as the fastest growing technology company across Asia Pacific and Australia for 2019. 

WYWM specializes in training the individuals with no previous background in IT or emerging technology and showing students their potential to learn a digital skill. 

WYWM has trained 1600 Veterans across Australia, Canada and the USA with 1380 placed into employment directly as well as members of their immediate family.

Here Are The Steps To A Successful Experience.

The Home Squads Program is completely free for the Blue Star Family Military Spouse Community! 
Follow the steps below to begin your journey!

Step 1: Sign up for Spouseforce.

Spouseforce is new, tech-forward online portal that creates connections between military spouses, training partners and employers

On top of all that, Spouseforce communicates to employers and decision makers the value military spouses bring to the workforce. We highlight your education, skills, and conditions needed in order to be successful in the workforce.

To ensure you can take part in this WYWM program you need to sign up for Spouseforce first.  Click below to sign up.

Step 2: Sign up here for the WYWM Military Spouses in Technology Home Squads Program.

Step 3: Sign up to WYWM People and Complete the Discover Yourself strengths assessment.

Why do we assess your strengths?

WithYouWithMe have designed their very own assessment tool to help you find the right team and company culture fit for you.  It also looks at your potential to learn, problem solve and communicate these problems.  This helps us to identify which digital skill pathway you would be best suited too. 

For far too long there has been a misalignment of personal and company values would be detrimental to both you as an individual and the company who hired you. 

Our assessment also allows us to identify suitable candidates early in the hiring process and help you make a data driven decision for your first role into the industry!

Step 4: Start your learning journey.

Once you have completed your assessment book in a call with our Veteran Success Team to hear about which technology pathway you’re best matched too and then decide on which course to do!

From there they will enrol you in your chosen pathway and you can start your learning journey.  Be sure to immerse yourself with all the support of the WYWM Community whilst you are learning.  

We have multiple ways you can learn:

  • Community cohort driven – study with others, have an instructor along the journey,
  • Self paced (for those who have limited time) or
  • Accelerate your learning through a Bootcamp! 

Once you have completed you will gain your certification and be on your way to deploying into your entry level role. 

Make sure you stay connected with the BSF and WYWM Communities

You can join the WYWM Discord Community to assist you through the training and connect with other military community members across the globe!

Want To Learn More?
Book a Call With Adam Today.

Adam Stretch
Veteran Success Manager

Adam served in the United States Army in the 75th Ranger regiment as an Infantry team leader. He is here to help with those transitioning recognize their potential and reduce stress during the transition process, as well as changing your mindset, testing & study advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About the WYWM BSF Military Spouses in Tech Program:

Yes!  The WYWM training program is completely online and is delivered in a number of different modalities; self paced, community driven, or even bootcamp (accelerated) style!

WYWM trains across cyber security, robotics process automation, data analytics and IT.  Each course various in length as it depends on your starting point but generally speaking it takes approximately 3 months to complete one pathway.  Book in a call with our North American Veteran Success representative to discuss the length of each pathway!

WYWM is a technical school accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  WYWM's training courses give you a certification to say that you will be job ready in the pathway that you choose.  The training is designed to be agnostic meaning you learn the skills to perform the job and then you will be ready gain a certification in the specific tool required!

Each WYWM training pathway gives you the competencies and skills to be able to sit the certification of the software tool.  What that means is depending on the technical vendor WYWM is an accredited trainer for that is the certification that you will gain.  Book in a call with our Veteran Success Team to explain in more detail!

No!  WYWM specializes in training designed to take someone from zero experience in IT or emerging tech and get them job ready for the pathway they choose!

Yes, after completing your first pathway, we are welcoming back any BSF military spouse to train in another one of our digital technology pathways.  This is part of our Grow model of the WYWM Way!

When you first create a WYWM People account - you will be sent an email.  If you can't find it in your inbox, first thing to do is check your spam folder its likely in there!  If you forget your password use the tech chat function that comes up on the lower right hand side of the webpage and put in a ticket.  Remember check your spam folder first! 

That's ok we are here to help!  First things first, make sure you use the following internet browsers for the best user experience:  Google Chrome or Miscrosoft azzure.  If you are still having issues please use the chat bot function and log a ticket and this will be resolved ASAP!