Operation Unify Us (OUU) in partnership with WithYouWithMe (WYWM).

From the Land to the Cloud

WYWM has joined forces with OUU! We’re here to achieve our mission of a world where opportunity is based on expertise, responsibility and inclusion. Let us help you reach your potential through our digital diversity training. ​

Secure your career with a spot on our From the Land to the Cloud program today.

WithYouWithMe (WYWM) is the fastest growing tech company across APAC (Asia Pacific), driven to solve the mission of underemployment of individuals with untapped potential. We have successfully helped thousands of ex-military, parents and injured individuals return to work. Together with OUU, we are ready to show you how the WYWM way can help you!

Discover your potential.​

WYWM’s Tech Assessment uncovers an individual’s match and ability to be trained for a career in technology. Over 20,000 individuals globally have completed our assessment and uncovered their tech talent. Are you ready to uncover yours?

Train in an in-demand digital skill.

Train online via WYWM Academy, an accredited technical school that will get you job ready! The training typically takes 12 weeks to complete and will focus on in-demand tech skills like cybersecurity, data analytics, and IT.

Deploy into employment opportunities with OUU.

WYWM has helped thousands of Australians secure employment into the IT and emerging technology industry. We have partnered with OUU to help meet growing local demands of skilled technologists.