WithYouWithMe Online Hackathons

WithYouWith me holds regular online hackathon events throughout Australia, Canada and The United States of America.Our online hackathons are perfect for all experience levels as we put new hackers into groups with more experienced hackers to make sure they can participate and learn in an extremely hands-on environment. We also encourage companies and groups to create their own teams if they want.Contrary to popular belief, our online hackathons DO NOT require a certain set of skills as we are constantly changing the environment, software and challenges needing to be solved.

Australian Online Hackathons

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National Missing Persons Hackathon 29th October

The National Missing Persons Hackathon 2020 will be held as an online event on Thursday, 29 October 2020.
Hackathon participants, in teams of four, will be tasked to discover publicly available information on the internet (also known as open source intelligence or OSINT), with the goal of aiding relevant Australian policing jurisdictions in their investigations for the missing persons cases provided for the event.
The registration fee for the event will be covered by WithYouWithMe for all ex-military.

Canadian Online Hackathons

WYWM is Running a Missing Peron Hackathon

USA Online Hackathons

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WYWM is Running a Missing Peron Hackathon