BeFierce Military Podcast #005 – Eric Mclntyre – Cyber Security Instructor

Our host Javiera dives into the transition journey of WithYouWithMe Academy of Eric Mclntyre, WithYouWithMe Cyber Security Instructor in the podcast. Let’s learn about Eric’s role as a WYWM Cyber Security Instructor and how WithYouWithMe facilitates students’ learning experience!

1:35 Who is Eric Mclntyre?
2:15 What is Eric’s background? What is Eric’s role in WithYouWithMe?
5:23 Recap of Eric’s background
5:59 What was Eric’s process to enter a technical role?
10:14 What is Eric’s role in the Academy?
12:34 Eric explains how instructors facilitate students’ learning in the WYWM Academy
16:40 What’s Eric’s favourite part in his role?
18:53 What are some of the important works Eric is working on in the Academy team?
21:18 Why is Cyber Security important?
22:26 What are the benefits of this kind of course structure in WYWM Academy?
24:53 What’s Eric’s advice of transitioning into Cyber jobs?
28:38 Let’s get to know more about Eric! Uni, favourite colour, relationship…
32:03 Eric’s love story! And more about his relationship
34:20 What’s Eric’s motivation?
35:41 Why Home Squad Program and how it benefits our students and their families
39:55 Eric loves WithYouWithMe and here’s why
40:12 When is WYWM Academy next cohort? What can you expect from our courses?
42:35 Recap of episode 5

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