BeFierce Military Podcast #006 – Joshua Vogel Cyber Security Manager

Meet Joshua Vogel, one of our new employees! After college, josh found he didn’t have a purpose and burnt out. He made a change and found a recruiter for the Air Force, and eventually found his way to the Navy where they had a job for him. Joshua has now found a job in the civilian workforce.

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1:30 Introducing Josh Vogel and his military background.
5:00 Why Josh wanted to do more and find his sense of purpose.
7:30 What does making an impact feel like?
8:50 Going in a boy and coming out a man.
9:30 Was Josh always computer savvy?
10.30 Why learning to fail is important and the lifeblood of success.
14:30 Making the decision to stay or leave the Military.
18:00 Preparing for leaving the Military.
19:15 How did Josh meet WithYouWithMe?
20:00 How do you start the conversation with WithYouWithMe
22:00 How are Project Management skills relevant to IT?
24:00 What is Josh’s Role at WithYouWithMe?
26:00 What is it like to work at WithYouWithMe?
29:00 Why catching 3rd world countries up with technology and Cyber Security is so important and fulfilling!
31:00 How does tech and Cyber affect the world and industries?
35:00 One piece of advice from Josh and transitioning.
36:50 Advice for people who are retraining and coming out of the military.
39:40 What did the training give you that made you feel more confident about the role you were about to embark on?

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