BeFierce Military Podcast #007 – Olivia Nunn – Director of Communication at US Army Soldier for Life

Meet Olivia Nunn, our special guest from US Army Soldier for Life. Olivia and our host Javiera dive into topics related to career transition journey of military veterans and military spouses. This episode is going to give you an insight into the value of military veterans and military spouses in businesses.

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2:28 Has Olivia seen the Australian wildlife yet?
5:33 What is Olivia’s story in the US Military?
7:41 How important is it for the military veterans to realise that their skills are so transferable into the civilian sector?
8:08 Olivia is the co host of the US Army Soldier For Life Podcast!
8:59 Why is hiring military veterans important?
11:14 What is the big push by the US government to help the military veterans and their spouses?
11:58 Why did Olivia want to join the army?
13:44 How did the army help you find your voice?
16:23 How did the army build Olivia’s understandings of “agree and disagree”?
18:05 What is the value of military veterans in business?
18:44 What are the opportunities provided by the army to the young kids, parents and teachers?
20:02 In what way does the army benefit civilians on the education side?
20:46 What are transferable from the military into civilian career?
21:29 Can military veterans transfer their skills in project management?
22:30 Can military veterans do the career that the army taught them? What are the opportunities out there?
24:01 What are the difficulties the military spouses facing now? Why is it important to help them find jobs?
26:32 What are the talents and skills offered by the military spouses that we should value? How awesome are these hidden talents?
30:06 What can the businesses do to encourage employment in military spouses, who have so many hidden talents?
30:25 Why is it critical for the military spouses to get a job? How does it influence military veterans?
31:49 Why do we have to change the narrative of military spouses?
34:07 How does Olivia balance her life as a military spouse, a military veteran, a mother and a career woman? How is work life balance achieved?
40:37 What does Olivia love to do now?
41:50 What advice will Olivia give to a military veteran or a spouse in their transition journey?
43:27 Where can people find Soldier For Life? (Website:
43:54 Recap of the whole episode
45:39 Information on WithYouWithMe first microevent of 2020 in both Australia and the USA: Skills over Software – Data Analytics – (Live Stream) WYWM Academy

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