BeFierce Military Podcast #001 – Rebekah Nugent Pathfinder Team Leader

WithYouWithMe’s BeFierce Podcast #001

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Rebekah served in the Australian Army from 2011 to 2018 as a Psychology Examiner specializing in mental health management and administration, focusing on the well-being of Australian Defence Force members. Rebekah is now a member of the pathfinder team (Veteran Success) at WithYouWithMe, helping ADF veterans achieve their career pathway.

WithYouWithMe provides free service for current and ex-serving members of the Australian, Canadian, and the United States military to help their transition into the civilian job market. WYWM aligns skills, experiences, and personality to identified career pathways within the industry; ultimately placing veterans into full-time work and solving the veteran unemployment rate in Australia.

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:45 What do we do and why do we do this?
1:10 What is the WithYouWithMe Way? (WYWM WAY)
2:00 Will Lewis Introduction – Military Veteran
7:00 Bec Nugent Introduction
8:00 Bec’s struggle with job searching
9:30 The Diggernet?
11:15 What are the Pathfinders and what do they do?
12:10 Why is it important to do data-driven pathway calls for veterans?
13:25 What is some important work that Rebekah is doing to support veterans?
14:30 What is one piece of advice that Rebekah would give to veterans if they are feeling stuck?
16:30 What is Rebakahs favourite thing about working at WithYouWithMe?
17:30 What is one piece of advice that Will would give to Veterans?
22:20 How much of an asset are military veterans?
23:05 What is Wills favourite part about working at WIthYouWithMe?
26:00 Quick Recap, What is this podcast all about?

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