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Monu Tuiaki 🔥

Monu is a civilian with a background in HRM and has extensive knowledge on the civilian atmosphere and what to expect when transitioning out of the military. Pairing this with his experience in underemployment, he can be of great help when venturing towards unknown territory especially into technological careers. He specialises in personal branding, study advice, testing, and changing your mindset.

Rebekah Nugent 🌊

Rebekah served in the Australian Army as a Psychological Examiner JNCO and is here to help with military transition & retention, changing your mindset, and testing & study advice.

Adam Stretch 🔥

Adam served in the United States Army in the 75th Ranger regiment as an Infantry team leader. He is here to help with those transitioning recognize their potential and reduce stress during the transition process, as well as changing your mindset, testing & study advice.

Luke Rix 🌊

Luke is on of the Co-Founders at WithYouWithMe. While he’s one of the few ‘civvies’ in the senior leadership team, Luke is passionate about helping veterans after starting the copamy with a mate who had a poor transition. 

Having spent a career in corporate and running a start-up, book a call with Luke to discuss what skills companies are looking for and how you can position yourself for success.

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Tom Moore 🔥

Struggling with your career direction? Wanting to start your own business or raise capital? As a veteran Tom has experienced the issue of underemployment first hand and set out to change it. Starting WYWM has meant that, at times, Tom has had a steep learning curve. He has made mistakes and had to change direction rapidly, his experiences have left him with a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share with you. So if you are looking advice on starting your own business, raising capital or you just want to get advice on a tough time, Tom is here to help!

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