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Aviation upskill program

Let’s get our pilots back into work!

Aan initiative established to get pilots and other aviation workers impacted by COVID-19 back into work. WithYouWithMe has committed to training 1,000 Aviation workers for a new tech career in Data Analytics, Cyber or Digital Project Management. The program is completely free for the workers, who are in need of a helping hand.

Program supporters.

Helping push the aviation upskill program forwards.

Why are we doing this?

Imagine waking up one morning and the job that you’ve done for your entire life has suddenly changed, with short to medium term employment in the field disappeared. This is what our Aussie Pilots and other aviation workers are currently going through.

As a social impact company, WithYouWithMe wanted to help. We’ve established the program free of charge for the workers as we wanted to help – but also to prove that this model of reskilling can work for future industries impacted. 

Now we need your help. 

With more than 300 workers currently in training, we are looking for employment opportunities. With thousands of cyber, data and other tech roles currently unfilled in Australia, this is a new talent pool corporate Australia needs to tap into. 

Help us make it happen. 

It’s the right thing for Australia

Australian airlines have had to let thousands of staff go in recent months, with thousands more currently stood down with their futures uncertain. 

With rising unemployment across Australia, we can’t let these statistics become normal. Be a part of the solution

Pilots have supported us

COVID-19 has been tough on a number of industries, but none more so than the aviation industry. 

The Aviation industry has been there for us, allowing us to fly across the country and around the world. 

Let’s be there for them when they need us. 

Build new tech talent

Too many organisation’s these days are focused on what a candidate has done in the past, not what their potential is to be successful in the future. WithYouWithMe wants to change that. 

Help support a new wave of talent entering the tech industry and solver these vital shortages. 

We’re training them.

WithYouWithMe is offering pilots free training in Data Analytics, Cyber and Digital Program Management. All out training is accredited and designed to build talent for entry-level roles over 200+ hours. 

Help get them back into work

Do the right thing and help out the pilots who’ve safely flown us around the world.

We’ll give them all the support they need to become career ready but need your help to push them across the line and land their first tech job.

Looking for opportunities across australia weather its full-time, part-time or casual, looking to fill roles in Data, Cyber, PM or anything involved with data.

Join the initiative, get our pilots back into the workforce

Digital project management pathway

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