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Data pathway

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Digital project management pathway

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WithYouWithMe Online Hackathons

WithYouWith me holds regular online hackathon events throughout Australia, Canada and The United States of America.Our online hackathons are perfect for all experience levels as we put new hackers into groups with more experienced hackers to make sure they can participate and learn in an extremely hands-on environment. We also encourage companies and groups to create their own teams if they want.Contrary to popular belief, our online hackathons DO NOT require a certain set of skills as we are constantly changing the environment, software and challenges needing to be solved.

Australian Online Hackathons

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National Missing Persons Hackathon 29th October

The National Missing Persons Hackathon 2020 will be held as an online event on Thursday, 29 October 2020.
Hackathon participants, in teams of four, will be tasked to discover publicly available information on the internet (also known as open source intelligence or OSINT), with the goal of aiding relevant Australian policing jurisdictions in their investigations for the missing persons cases provided for the event.
The registration fee for the event will be covered by WithYouWithMe for all ex-military.

Canadian Online Hackathons

WYWM is Running a Missing Peron Hackathon

USA Online Hackathons

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WYWM is Running a Missing Peron Hackathon

WithYouWithMe Course Challenges

Keep up to date with the latest challenges

We are hosting challenged to run along side your courses, click the tile to the left to find the challenges that are relevant to you! Our Hackathons are a mix of challenges to sharpen your skills as well as to help with community operations. Click the tile on the right to see our upcoming hacks and subscribe to get involved.

7 Eagle Group

Become a Technologist

7 Eagle Group has partnered with WithYouWithMe to provide the military veteran community an opportunity to up-skill and gain job ready skills in IT and emerging tech! 

WithYouWithMe is here to train and give you the skills needed for the job opportunities with the 7 Eagle Group.

Let’s begin………….

Watch the Video:

How Does The Training Program Work?

Sign Up And Test

Sign up to the WYWM Community Platform called People and discover your potential through taking our assessment test!


Train in a community with other veterans and learn your new skill in IT or cyber security. Gain your certification through the WYWM Technical School that gets you job ready!

Deploy Into 7 Eagle Jobs

After you have completed your course you will be job ready to deploy within the 7 Eagle employment opportunities.

Who is WithYouWithMe?

WithYouWithMe (WYWM) is a social impact technology training organization that is on a mission to solve military community underemployment across the globe.  

WYWM was awarded the number #1 spot by Deloitte as the fastest growing technology company across Asia Pacific and Australia for 2019. 

WYWM specializes in training the individuals with no previous background in IT or emerging technology and showing students their potential to learn a digital skill. 

WYWM has trained 1600 Veterans across Australia, Canada and the USA with 1380 placed into employment directly.

Here Are The Steps To A Successful Experience.

Step 1 – Take the online assessment

First step is to take the online assessment called discover yourself.

Why do we test? We test your aptitude to learn a digital skill, along with your personality profile and learning style.  We do this to find the right team and company culture fit for you. A misalignment of personal and company values would be detrimental to both you as an individual and the company who hired you.  Testing also allows us to identify suitable candidates early in the hiring process.

After you have completed your assessment, its important that you book in a call with the either the WYWM North American Veteran Success Representative or the 7 Eagle representative to undergo a debrief of your results and get you signed up to the WYWM People Platform.

Step 2 – Sign up to our Community Platform – WYWM People

After you have spoken to the team, in order to start your training journey you will need to sign up to the Community Platform called WYWM People using the same email you used to take the assessment.

Once you have signed up you will also be able to self enrol in the selected pathway under our courses tab and access all the training and be able to gain support from the WYWM Community.

Step 3 – Start training in a new digital technology

WYWM is a technical school that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We specialise in training individuals with no background in IT or emerging tech. We are accredited to provide you training that makes you job ready in the following pathways; cyber security, IT, automation and data analytics.

All the training is online, delivered in various modes and is developed to ensure that you are set up for success.  You will have access to additional support with our associate instructors, learning material and the help and support of the WYWM military community.  Be part of the additional support community by joining the discord below. 

After you complete the IT Fundamentals course, the 7 Eagle Group will pair you up with mentors for additional support so be sure to take advantage of this! 

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Adam Stretch
Veteran Success Manager

Adam served in the United States Army in the 75th Ranger regiment as an Infantry team leader. He is here to help with those transitioning recognize their potential and reduce stress during the transition process, as well as changing your mindset, testing & study advice.

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